Our Story

Who we are
We are one of the first designer blend tea that uses the finest natural ingredients in Malaysia and established in year 2015. The Tea Maker in Malaysia, offering a wide selection of authentically made speciality teas and tea ware.  We work closely with tea gardens and artisan tea farmers to ensure we bring the very finest quality teas to our customers.

About our teas
We developed these natural products based on Modern Vintage concept. We provide the very best assortment of teas with introduce new tea varieties from our loose tea to designer blend tea collection. Our best-selling is Beauty series which inclusive of Anti-Aging and So Slim, De-stress series which inclusive of Stress Away and Dream, consisting of glass teapots and teacups.

What makes us different?
Our mission is to provide multi form of natural healthy environment to our customers. We offer our customers a unique combination of Modern Vintage inspired packaging for teas.  With years of experience in the tea industry, and by working closely with the people we source from, we want to ensure all vitamins, minerals and natural goodness are retained for the benefits to customers.

About our Founder
Started with 3 good buddies, we ventured into distributing natural products by creating our own brands, custom-made with love and care. One of the founders, knowing as well as aroma therapist, with years of experience sourcing and selling quality loose and formula blend tea. Her extensive knowledge and experience within the tea industry plays a vital role in bringing our customers a varied and quality selection of teas.


The brand was winning one of best performance in the 2017 Golden We Business Awards.

We offer our products and services at on line platform E-commerce, cafes, Spa and Beauty Shops. We can create a bespoke tea menu for your brand, and also offer the service to train staff in brewing methods, ensuring the best experience for your customers.

After training, the advised will still carry on or any helps you might need in the future. Please visit our page for more information or to contact our team.